The PGN Members

Enjoy freedom of a Solopreneur in a global movement
Being an Independent Consultant can be a challenge

Most independent consultants have rich careers behind them that provided a lot of knowledge, experience and business connections, all of which were the foundation for the career-change decision. Before embarking on the freelancer journey it was easy to envision the simplicity and rewards of the new life-style.

Soon, the need for acquiring new clients arises and you quickly realise this is a different story. You may see you are missing some personal branding, social marketing and sales skills. Winning those projects also makes you lower your fees and not really earn all that income you expected. 

And you may find out that you earn money only when you work, any week without the work because of vacation, holidays or illness is missing revenues. You wonder how you could make some money in addition, to have a more lucrative business.

Partnering and Selling Technology is Attractive but ...

You might have encountered some interesting technology used in your area of expertise and you might have encountered opportunities to become an agent for producers of software or other products. The commissions are interesting and some serious extra money could be earned. But, you also saw it was far from easy.

The well-established brands have also existing representatives meaning the competition is high and too demanding for a freelancer. On the other hand, less known brands require you to invest a lot of effort and do it all by yourself. The support is just technical but the real challenge is in finding clients and marketing.

The less known technology is not known in the market and your clients have never heard of it. You don't want to risk your personal brand by promoting products that are not proven in business situations. 

Why Join PGN as an Advisor?​
GET NEW, SUSTAINABLE REVENUE STREAM with a minimal investment
All member roles in PGN are rewarded with a substantial and long-term commission. The onboarding, coaching and certification are provided for free but you have to invest your time and effort.
There are many different roles in PGN that members can take on. Each one of them allows you to leverage your relationships and knowledge to reap well-deserved rewards. Check the member roles.
PGN-listed OFFERINGS ARE COMPETITIVE, high quality & high added-value
PGN solutions are produced by innovative SMEs that are reliable and committed to client satisfaction. All solutions are vetted in detail and customer cases are well documented. Members can have regular and direct contact with the producers. This means minimal risks and your reputation is safe.

The PGN works in the way that a Solution of a Producer (usually an innovative B2B SME) is analysed, its value structured into the PGN's systems in order for it to be sold competently by a team of consultants on a remote market.

The Member Roles

All of these operations that make PGN work are performed by local professionals who assume one or more of the four member roles described below.



The Advisor is an expert who is trusted by the Buyers, who knows them well and consultatively sells the Solution.


They are enabled by the Core Team to promote the Solution using the specific tools. During the sales process, they work also with the Producer's team. They get rewarded with a high commission (and immediate advance payment).


Is the Advisor role right for me?

  • Do you have several relations with leaders in mature companies that trust you?

  • Do you enjoy advising companies and consultative-selling of innovative solutions?​​​



The Implementer is needed with most innovative solutions as they require a local expert for the solution to achieve the results.


They are trained by the Producer and most implementations are done jointly. They get paid the consultants fee as part of the whole solution payment.

Is the Implementer role right for me?

  • Are you an experienced consultant in some business or technology implementation areas and ready to participate in implementations of innovative projects?

What do I get as an Advisor & Implementer?

  • access to a portfolio of innovative, high value-added solutions from your industry, 

  • offerings with high margins,

  • a proven system to advise and sell such solutions,

  • continuous marketing with lead generation,

  • an incentive for generating own opportunities,

  • professional support.


The Recruiter is an independent B2B consultant with rich industry experience and business connections who enjoys their trust.


They convince these organisations to enrol to PGN for more efficient new market expansion. They are often also their Enabler. The Recruiter is rewarded with long-term "royalty" for this.


Is the Recruiter role right for me?

  • Do you have a good relationship with several technology companies?

  • Would they trust you to help them with the planning of their sales growth?

  • Do you have B2B sales experience?


The Enabler executes the PGN Enablement project, a set of standardised workshops for preparation of the Clients Offering for promoting by PGN Advisors.


The Core Team trains, certifies and supports them to use the tools and templates, especially during first projects. They are paid consulting fee for the enablement and Offering's "royalty".


Is the  Enabler role right for me?

  • Do you have experience with workshops and leading a group of people to formulate ideas?

  • Do you have a basic understanding of the marketing criteria & value proposition concepts and organisation roles & management responsibilities?

What do I get as a Recruiter & Enabler?

  • effective internationalisation solutions for your clients,

  • a business model that ensures a long term revenue stream,

  • a proven system to sell and enable such solutions,

  • continuous marketing with lead generation,

  • an incentive for generating own opportunities,

  • professional support.

Assumption of Roles

The Members can assume any of these roles or any combination of them. Especially, a Recruiter can be also the Enabler, as it is normal for a consultant that recruits a client to also enable them. Similarly, the Advisors often assume the role of Implementers, or better, it is often easy to sell for somebody who is an expert in a professional area.

Paweł Orliński
I believe that connecting producers and buyers, who wouldn't find themselves on their own is a fabulous concept.

Sales & Marketing Executive

Join the most successful B2B Sales Network - as a Member

The PGN is not "some digital thing". We are real professionals building real deals. The core team will work closely with memers to provide enablement and support to develop value for our clients and long-term dividends for all of us. We commit to you and we expect you to commit to the business, of course, you need first to get convinced that PGN works for you.


Submit your request to join and tell us something about your business and which PGN role or combination of PGN roles suits you. We will get in touch to evaluate if you are meeting the needed requirements.

We will get back to you with a proposal for a web-meeting, for next steps depending on your PGN role(s).


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