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PGN's mission is to bring you to the optimal clients that can understand your innovative solution and will recognize the value it can bring to their business.

PGN Directory of Innovative Solutions helps you specify your Solution in a way that it can attract such clients. And the best thing -- it is FREE! Well, at least for producers that enroll this quarter it is.

Enter the basics of the company and the Solution.

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Your Innovative Solution

A Solution is something that solves a problem. A B2B business problem in case of PGN. It is a combination of technology and services which if implemented correctly improves the business of the client company. 


Enter the key information about:

  • Solution itself

  • Ideal target market (companies) for it

  • Roles that decide about buying it

  • Problem that it addresses

  • Capabilities it brings


Click the "?" for help, most entrepreneurs need it  

​Why you should Enrol Your Offering 

PGN models solution's unique value proposition

Matched with buyers' challenges using PVIM™ 

Targeted notifications based on business relevances

Get Notified about Interested Buyers

Optional sales follow up by PGN Sellers

Enter a link to a description of your Solution.  

If you don't have an official product/solution page you probably have a description somewhere in some format, just enter the link, please. 

This description will be used to understand your offering and will not be used directly in the listing if it is not yet optimally prepared. We will let you know in this case.

Select a standard area of challenges that your solutions addresses at least for the 1st Function/Role and for the 2nd one too if it is different.

If you cannot categorise your solution select Other.

PVIM™ stands for Produs Value Innovation Model, a proprietary concept providing a standardised format for definition and storing of unique value propositions of innovative business solutions. It is based on the proven Solution Selling™ and Produs™ principles that define the value of a solution from the perspective of a buyer and their key business challenges. It allows for matching your solution to buyers who most probably need it and allows PGN advisors to sell it as real business solutions, for prices that correspond the value they bring them. 

And now, the Innovative Solution
Decision Making Roles

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The Responsible Role is usually a person whose business issue our Solution presumably solves.


Usually, a manager inside this function is responsible for the solution (often technical) but may not own the budget for such a purchase/project. So, there are often other persons, usually their superior (boss) that should approve the purchase. Enter their Role under the Approving Role


For example, if we have a Financial Reporting SW we should enter both, the Chief Accountant and the CEO.


If the role you want is missing, pick Other and enter it at the beginning of the challenge text.

The Key Challenge is the problem or critical business issue that our Solution is solving from the perspective of the responsible person. And similarly from the person or role that needs to approve it. Their perspective is slightly different, their challenge usually being a consequence of the responsible person having their challenge unresolved.


For example, with the business reporting software we solve the challenge of the chief accountant that could probably be described as "inability to provide correct and timely reports to the board" and the other "inability to manage company without the right information". 

So, which responsibility is the target manager unable to do before he gets your solution?

Imagine the ideal client or the most typical client for this solution. Which industry are they working in? 

Select the primary industry on the left, and if there is another select it in the right dropdown.

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