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The Challenge of Innovation in an Established Company

The Impossible Task

The competitive market and your company strategy require you to innovate your business. But that is easier said than done. Your short-term objectives use most of your energy and that of your team. The change any innovation brings generates additional workload and disrupts existing efficiency.

The ideas and initiatives that promote innovation simply don't take these real-life situations into account nor provide practical ways to solve this controversy. 

External Consultants

Finding external, experienced assistance seems a way to go but the known partners are limited with expertise. The online reasearch for possible solutions is just overwhelming with the quantity of information that is however biased and not relevant to your challenges.

You simply cannot rely these people can be of value for your specific challenges.

Our Solution - PGN 

What if you were able to find only vetted solution providers that have successfully deployed them in similar organisations and with managers that face similar challenges like you. Together with projects descriptions, ratings and testimonials.


This is what PGN wants to provide to you. And more, if you choose so, it will try to connect you with a consultant close to you that can discuss your situation with you.

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