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The Advisor Tool

to monetise your existing business network

PGN offers consultants and advisors a possibility to convert their trusted relations to income easily. Without an initial investment nor long-term commitment. However, based on a positive experience, you can later upgrade to full PGN membership.

The main idea is for an advisor to:

  1. Identify and understand a pressing business challenge in an organisation by talking to a contact in the company (see the guide below).

  2. Clarify the reasons for the challenge and ideas on how the company envisions they could solve the challenge.

  3. Share the information confidentially with PGN team to find matching solution providers that would discuss and engage the business opportunity.

  4. The rest of the sales process can be conducted jointly with any level of your engagement, but when the deal closes, you receive a regular PGN Advisor commission in the 10%-20% range.

The Meeting Guide

to identify a business challenge

When a physical meeting is not possible, reach out to your contact for a remote video meeting. This has become a standard and your contact probably feels more comfortable with it. Use any way of communication and check how they would like to have the meeting. You can do it either way.

  1. Start with regular greetings, catching up and small-talk to establish a comfortable atmosphere - the rapport.

  2. Switch to business with an open question: "And how's business/work?" and let them talk freely. Use a couple of sub-questions to demonstrate understanding. Asking for an explanation of a detail that you might not fully understand is especially good.

  3. If they have not yet been answered use these questions to explore:

    1. So, your role is .....?

    2. How does the crisis affect it?

    3. Is there anything special expected of you?

    4. Why is this important? 

  4. And when they answer that, confirm the understanding by paraphrasing. Then, drill deeper with a couple of Why questions until you uncover a real challenge that your counterpart is facing and needs to solve.

  5. Then try to understand the reasons for them not to have solved it yet. Ideally, they’re of technical, financial and organisational nature. That is good because it requires an innovative solution and external advisors.

  6. You may even discuss what they think would be needed for them to solve it, and who’s responsible for that.

  7. Print this guide and use it to take notes during or immediately after the meeting​ and come back to enter them here. We will contact you for a call.

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