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The PGN Member Success Story

4Results PGN success.png
»We have several clients with needs in the area of B2B sales improvement and internationalisation. Until now we were not able to professionally respond to them. Now we have really good solutions for this demanding area.«

Michał Paradowski, Vice president of the Board and Co-owner of 4 Results Poland

Business Challenge

The Company’s most critical issue was the need to acquire new profitable projects and meet growth targets in order to maintain profitability.


  • Even though they have built good partnerships within their client base, the revenue stream was too low;

  • At the time they were getting an insufficient number of new projects, which were not profitable enough;

  • They were experiencing slow growth and did not know how to expand.


Needs and Solution

Michał Paradowski, said that 4 Results would succeed if they partnered with someone who could:

  • bring new services they could offer to their existing client base, 

  • as well as new international projects and clients;

  • increase the profitability of their projects with minimal investment.


A one of a kind membership in the global PGN network was offered. 


  • In a short period of time, they obtained a project due to the new offering that strengthened their relationship with an important client.

  • Their existing sales team is enabled to get new, more profitable projects, using PGN’s methodology.

  • 4 Results can now offer something unique to the existing and new client base and thus retain them from the competition.


About the company

4 Results is a leading B2B consulting and training company that strategically and operationally supports their clients and can translate their vision into action. Their focus was mainly on production and logistics process optimization.

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