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The Produs Global Growth Network and its Core Team

About the PGN


PGN finds the perfect clients for your solution

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The Story behind PGN - by the Founder
"With my team, we’ve been selling innovative tech solutions for more than 20 years. It is fun but a difficult and complex job, complex as ... well, human nature.

We have helped around 100 companies develop successful sales functions using our proprietary Produs methodology over the last 15 yrs, but that is not enough. We always wanted to use these powerful tools to help innovative companies on a larger scale. Corporations spend millions to develop sales forces globally, but younger companies often simply cannot afford it nor manage the task.
So now, PGN is born. Produs Global Growth Network is a platform where this capability of having a team of sellers all over the world, ready to sell your tech solution in a couple of months… this is now available to the best innovative tech solutions from anywhere in the world.
And even if digitalized, it is very much human, relying on hundreds of independent professionals willing to share their knowledge and networks to facilitate global innovation and by making a difference in the world, earning their fair reward. With this social element of inter-generational value exchange, it is also profoundly humane. 

I invite you to read more about PGN and hope you join us, the mission is good and the cause is just :)
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About Us (top)


SMEs Drive
B2B Innovation


Small and medium businesses bring most innovations to the B2B sphere which improve businesses of even the largest corporations - bringing HUGE VALUE.

Innovative solutions
are hard to sell


Selling and marketing complex, innovative solutions is generally a very difficult task.


It is most of the times difficult to present them to the right people in the right moment in the correct way - causing HUGE LOSS.

PGN brings the trusted solutions from the most innovative SMEs to companies that need them!


Advisors who know
the local market


PGN Advisors are professionals in remote markets who know the local culture and how to do business there.

But will they be competent in selling your complex solutions?


Proprietary Produs Methodology


Produs™ methodology - based on Solution Selling and proven via 80+ international projects - extracts your knowledge and develops a simple, yet effective sales manual.


This makes us confident enough to offer you:


Affordable Start and Commission-Based


An effective way to penetrate markets with a low starting investment and a commission-based model.


The Challenge of Selling
the Innovative B2B Solutions

The Global B2B Markets are not as innovative as they could be seeing many SMEs with very innovative solutions that could significantly improve the performance of other companies. This happens due to several issues:


  • Innovative offerings are complex and very often ineffectively  presented to the right persons in the buying organisation nor in the way relevant to their needs;

  • Producers build expensive websites and provide an overwhelming amount of information that is mostly about them and their offerings;

  • Most innovative offerings are created somewhere in the world and they don't have the sales potential to approach ideal buyers in remote markets;

  • Buyers have difficulties to build trust with producers found online to engage them in the impactful projects and consequently struggle to kick-start the so needed innovation in order to remain competitive.


"Becoming solution seller will give me the personal growth SW development alone could never provide." 
Florian Ziesche.jpeg
Florian Ziesche

Managing Director/Consultant for BI & ML Solutions

PGN - How it Works


Produs™ Global Growth Network - PGN is connecting high added value Producers and Buyers enabling faster development of innovative organisations. It is an innovative business model for outsourced sales.


There are three types of actors in this value-generating network:

  • PGN Advisors are professionals in remote markets who know the local culture and how to do business there. Advisors get a step-by-step customised manual on how to execute sales activities for a specific client.

  • The manual is prepared by a PGN Consultant following the Produs™ methodology who gets to know the client inside out and develops tools based on the client’s value proposition.

    ogether they execute global projects as one team with a single model of operation and the same process.

  • Producers - are companies with high added-value solutions that want to expand and enter new markets efficiently

  • PGN Core Team - To make all of this possible, PGN HQ provides PGN members with the sales systems, infrastructure, and methodology, as well as a continuous stream of new projects



How to grow your company on global markets through global projects

Picture this:

An SME has been growing steadily and is ready to make the jump to an international firm. They start off by adjusting their existing processes for expansion and attending some international trade fairs. They seem to be working according to plan but there are unexpected hurdles to overcome and the results just aren't there.

This is where PGN comes in.

In any part of the world, such a company without a global sales network can connect to the network and use it for developing their business in selected markets for a small initial cost and a usual commission (for the first couple of years). This gives the company a starting point in foreign markets for future development and valuable experience without the risk that is usually associated with international expansion.


The PGN is expanding rapidly. There are more than 70 PGN members in the network present on 5 continents and connected via Produs Global Growth Network LinkedIn group.

What a company owns matters less than what it can connect!


EVA Selling™ - the unique strength of PGN

EVA Selling™ is a special sales approach used in PGN for selling the innovative solutions by advisors. It is effective and simple consultative selling approach with the power of the best methodologies (SPIN, Strategic and Solution Selling).
EVA selling replaces the pushy product selling by consultative selling that feels natural for advisors. It focuses on client's challenges and jointly developed solutions.
The main stages of  EVA Selling™ are:
Explore - the advisor's professional credibility allows them to explore the client's business issues and what is causing them by asking specially prepared questions.
Visualise - an idea of what capabilities should be provided to the client to solve the challenge and gain the benefits is jointly envisioned.
Agree - based on the inspiring vision an evaluation plan is put in action that allows for a managed evaluation and the decisions needed to contract and to start the project.
EVA Selling
EVA Selling™ for innovative solutions in
Break your growth free!
Sign up for a free interview with a PGN consultant near you to discuss your vision and quickly understand if PGN is the way to go.

- or -​

Enrol your innovative offering or solution into the PGN Directory of Innovative Solutions (beta) for free. This will expose it to the right people with the right needs.
The Core Team Behind the PGN

Integrity, Teamwork, Speed, Freedom of Thought, Harmony, Win-Win

Tamara Cetkovic Platform Enabler, PGN HQ
Tamara Ćetković
Platform Enabler, PGN HQ 

Jan V. Mertelj Platform Developer Europe, PGN HQ
Jan V. Mertelj
Platform Developer Europe, PGN HQ 

In accordance with PGN’s strategy and her personality, Tamara takes over the role of a PGN Enabler, acting as a consultant, coach and project manager.

Tamara started working in administration and finance 15 years ago and has gathered extensive experience in large and small companies. She is a communicative, practical and creative person who likes working in a dynamic and team environment. 

At PGN, Jan is responsible for the development of the platform in Europe.

Jan is a graduate of Global Sales and Marketing.
He has gathered profound knowledge and experience knowledge in sales, marketing, languages, foreign cultures and project management through his studies, various company projects, internships, and jobs. 

Andreja Blatnik Platform Developer MENA PGN Centre Dubai
Andreja Blatnik
Platform Developer MENA
PGN Centre Dubai

Dariusz Nosorowski Platform Developer  PGN Centre Poland
Dariusz Nosorowski
Platform Developer 
PGN Centre Poland 

As an SME Global Developer, operating from Dubai, Andreja is responsible for the development and growth of the PGN Members.


She started her international career in IBM and since then gained experience in the fields of management, marketing, sales, business development, human resource consulting and employee development, education and international tenders.

Dariusz - a salesman, manager, lawyer with MBA title, SGH Warsaw School of Economics graduate and accomplished sales manager. He has nearly 20 years of sales experience at various organisational levels and both - large-scale international organisations as well as local startups. A coach and mentor, effectively builds successful sales teams, motivates employees to achieve high performance. 


Dorota Štern

Platform Developer, PGN HQ

Operating from PGN Headquarters in Ljubljana, Dorota is responsible for the operational development and growth of the network.
Thanks to experience in the international office environment, Dorota takes care of relationships with the local and foreign clients and provides support to our representatives in other countries. She has organizational skills, she is characterized by accuracy and attention to details.

Strahinja Tirnanić

Project Manager

Graduate Manager with experience in leading an international team, marketing, and project management. Founder of management consulting agency - Proman Consulting Serbia. His role at PGN is a project manager. Strahinja leads projects with a focus on inbound marketing. His main skills are organizational, communication and leadership. When it comes to personal characteristics, he is a super extrovert person with a global mindset, creative and open-minded.

Elitsa Ganeva.jpg
Elitsa Ganeva

Platform Developer, PGN HQ

As a PGN Platform Developer, Elitsa is responsible for strategic and operational development and growth of the network  through outbound marketing and lead generation.

She has profound knowledge and experience knowledge in developing into business development, sales and marketing and customer service outsourcing.


Platform Developer / Project Manager

Gregor Kamin.jpeg
Gregor Kamin
PGN Leader 

Tomaz Fleischman.jpeg
Tomaž Fleischman
PGN Leader 

Gregor is a person with a positive life energy, a good personal organization, an enthusiasm for project work and team participation and is as PGN Leader responsible for the management and success of PGN Projects.

He has rich experience in managing strategic functions in business, in software development and integration, retail and wholesale, with experience in managing human resources and excellent knowledge of commercial activities, experienced in fulfilling project tasks in IT field and in the service-production area, working in international IT Business environment for more than 20 years.

Tomaž has a history of  successfully managed projects achieving envious results, therefore he sees a role of a PGN Leader as another challenge to prove himself.

He is experienced Senior Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Strong consulting professional skilled in Talent Management, Business Planning, Coaching, Strategic Planning, and Management Consulting. 

Blaz Mertelj Platform Founder, PGN HQ
Blaž Mertelj
Platform Founder, PGN HQ 

Matjaz Wiegele Platform CTO & Co-funder, PGN HQ
Matjaž Wiegele
Platform CTO & Co-funder, PGN HQ 

Blaž has more than 20 years of experience in international business. Starting in IBM from a technical expert, advancing to diverse rewarded leadership roles and later active in assisting growing companies with his extensive business, organisational, HR and technical sales knowledge. Leadership, creativity, openness, self-initiative and team spirit are his main personal characteristics.

... and passion for the PGN movement!

Matjaž started his career as a software developer. His focus is on the extensive and widely available IBM infrastructure and open source solutions.
Based on his rich experiences, Matjaž is a key account manager as well as a team leader for developing and providing high-quality software for PGN and its customers. He is a persevering abstract thinker, who is great at tackling even the most complex and seemingly unsolvable situations.

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