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You are missing growth from many markets. brings it home for you -
paid on success,
Using its network of
business advisors and Produs.

You have a new, innovative solution. You'll find the ideal clients for this new potential by yourself. But, why?


To enter global markets with your own resources is costly and risky, and it takes years that you don't have!


PGN wins ideal projects for you internationally, quickly, without risks in an innovative and affordable way.

Florian Ziesche.jpeg
Florian Ziesche

Managing Director/Consultant for BI and ML Solutions 

"Becoming solution seller will give me the personal growth SW development alone could never provide." is a managed global network of advisors, experts in different industries who promote and sell innovative business solutions in their local markets.

Members' expertise and connections combined with the unique Produs™ tools allow them to identify the opportunities while working with clients and facilitate the deal, .

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The Core PGN Team uses the Produs™ methodology and rich B2B experience from more than 80 international projects from 12 industries with the participation of more than 500 sales & technical professionals. This allows it to structure a complex offering of any client for selling by the PGN sellers.  Read more ...

If you have an innovative solution that other companies around the world need - You should be next!

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Machinery & Metal Production

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