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The PGN Producer Success Story

Miha Jurgec managing director LANCom
LANCom success story with PGN

"🐦 PGN introduced a sales system designed for us. Quality opportunities and first meetings came in very fast and after 2 months of cooperation we already see two of those closing.”

Miha Jurgec, Managing Director and Co-owner of LANCom d.o.o. 

Business Challenge

The company’s most critical issue was the need to acquire new profitable projects for the LANCom PIS software solution and meet growth targets in order to increase profitability.


  • They had their software developed but were missing an effective sales force to sell in foreign markets;

  • They did not manage to find potential clients with projects already in their pipeline fast enough;

  • They were using three different partnership models but none of them was proven to be successful.


Needs and Solution

Miha Jurgec, said that LANCom would succeed if they partnered with someone who could:

  • Identify target markets and suitable potential clients based on predefined criteria;

  • Proactively find local partners and clients with existing business challenges, which would bring in profitable projects;

  • Establish a sales system to appropriately address the target audience together with local partners.


🐦PGN offered one of a kind partnership, which included the needed development and membership in the global network.


  • Within the first month of proactively penetrating the United Arab Emirates' market, the Managing Director of LANCom met with the Managing Director of a local partner who had ongoing projects to which LANCom can add value.

  • Three verified opportunities were identified and two project closings are planned within the first year in UAE, Sudan and Poland.

  • Attending the fair IT-Trans in Germany in March 2018 with a structured approach for preparation, execution, and follow-up and a clearly defined objectives for developing “hot” opportunities.


Andreja Blatnik PGN Platform Developer MENA

“I am a 🐦 PGN SME developer for Middle East. 🐦 PGN gave me a very well defined and structured sales system and methodology. When I got LANCom’s project I knew exactly what type of Partner (Seller) they are looking for and what to discuss on the first meeting. Within a month I have identified 1 Partner (Seller) and 2 potential projects with that Partner (Buyers)."


Andreja Blatnik, SME developer, 🐦 PGN Middle East


“This is a perfect case showing the efficiency of 🐦 PGN to:


  • Easily check several markets and select most suitable ones by evaluating their potential and current trends eg. tenders and programs with local savvy partners and their local connections.

  • Selectively and quickly find hot projects for Producers based on a professional sales approach that we develop for specific projects.

  • In this way, start a fast and efficient business development in selected markets without huge costs and risks for the client."


Blaž Mertelj, 🐦 PGN platform founder


Blaz Mertelj PGN Platform Founder
About the company

LANCom is a leading provider of software, IT systems and services, enabling them to not only consult, but also implement solutions and manage commercial and governmental projects in transportation, infrastructure, and other industries. Their projects are a part of multi Million deals and are worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Development of each market takes several years, projects last 12 months on average.


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